Recruitment Intake Rules

At East Carolina University, the joining process for each organization is based on their governing council. The process is different for each governing council.

IFC Recruitment

The formal recruitment process is strongly encouraged. This is an opportunity for men to meet all of the fraternities within IFC and then make decisions of who they would like to get to know further and join. This process takes place in the early fall semester and the early spring semester. All prospective participants must register through the online registration system that can be found within the ECU Greek Life website. A participant’s eligibility will be based on his most recent completed academic semester, whether than be graduating from high school or ending a collegiate academic semester. To be eligible to join, men coming from High School must have an unweighted 2.75 High School GPA. If men are currently enrolled in college, men must have a 2.6 cumulative GPA based on 12 or more credits. We will not round up or make exceptions for those who are below this standard.

MGC Membership Intake

Each chapter within the MGC conducts their own membership intake when they feel that they are ready to bring more members into their organization. With the approval of the regional and national organization, this may not happen every semester or even year. Students who are interested in joining an MGC organization are encouraged to attend the MGC Diversity Invitational that takes place at the beginning of each semester. From there interested students are encouraged to attend chapters events, educational forums and civic engagement opportunities to get to know more about the organizations and its members.

NPHC Membership Intake

NPHC organization host membership intake when they feel that they are ready and able to bring new members into their organization, which determined and approved by their regional and national organization. This may not happen every year. At the beginning of each semester, the NPHC will host an event called “Meet the Greeks” where interested students can learn more about the joining requirements of the NPHC organizations on our campus as well as what it means to be a member of their organization. After this students are encouraged to get to know organizations and their members through their attendance at chapter events, educational forums and civic engagement opportunities.

Panhellenic Recruitment

The organizations within the Panhellenic Association will host recruitment primarily early in the fall semester. All interested and prospective members must register through the online registration form on the ECU Greek Life Website. Recruitment will provide women with an understanding of what it means to be in a sorority and the expectations of membership.. Learn more about Panhellenic Recruitment