Philanthropy & Service


Community service is working for an organization in the community. These hours come from face to face volunteering, constructing items to donate, and other such events not benefiting the university or your chapter. Service Hours DO NOT include raising or donating money. To qualify as community service the following must be followed:

  • It must be a non-profit organization that does not benefit the university or your chapter.
  • Donation of blood constitutes one hour per person.
  • Events cannot include, or be associated with, alcohol, tobacco, or inappropriate sexual conduct.
  • Participating in any chapter’s fundraiser (including your own) does not count towards service hours, but any money donated will be added to the chapter’s philanthropy total.
  • Volunteering at a university/campus function normally will not merit service hours, even if the event does not relate to Greek life.


Philanthropic events include the following:

  • Organizing a fundraiser for charity.
  • Participating in another chapter’s fundraiser.
  • Making a chapter donation to charity (This can be a monetary donation such as school supplies).

All service can be reported through each individuals chapter’s orgsync account.